sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Sampdesign Leo em novas cores, novo render

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zuxing disse...

Hello, great designers!
I'm a magazine editor from China,and a green hand.My magazine is about motorcycle,name Motorcycle Trend.
If you notice this massage,it's lucky for me that you notice my massage.Because in China, I cannot get through to neither Twitter or Facebook.....
and I cannot find any e-mail address here.
I would like to introduce this to the readers, but I can not contact the designer for more,and I cann't where it comes from.For publishing, our picture editor requires some lager photos in great pix. Is there some bigger images for this motorcycle?
And I had long noticed that there are many kind of concept motorcycles on your website.Can I get some detal information in both text and image(with great pix)?Or can I get contact with the designers?
Thanks very much for your kindness helping!
my mail address is

Luo zuxing